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Regular surveys and reports to highlight key trends, stats and averages for business owners to benchmark their performance.

Why benchmark?

Learn how similar businesses perform and how you compare
Discover the trends shaping your business world this year and beyond
See what the top-performing businesses do differently
Get the latest insight and analysis on the hot topics affecting businesses

About BenchPress

The Wow Company started BenchPress in 2012, initially benchmarking agencies in the UK. They have grown that survey to be the largest of its kind for independent agency owners in the UK.

Since then, they’ve extended benchmarking to all businesses, and to a global audience too. They want businesses of all shapes, sizes, locations and sectors to have access to relevant benchmarks. 

Their long-term vision is that every business will be able to benchmark themselves against their peers based on size, location, and the type of business they are. They’ve made a big leap towards that this year by working with partners to help bring benchmarking to new countries and sectors. As more businesses take part in the surveys, more analysis can be completed, trends uncovered and insight shared.

Surveys and Reports
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Latest BenchPress reports:

This report shares benchmarks for UK agencies above £1m turnover. It includes commentary on the differences between these agencies and the smaller ones, so you don’t need to read a separate report to get those insights.

This was one of a series of reports that analysed the impact of COVID on businesses. As well as assessing how businesses are performing and how they’ve been impacted by COVID, we wanted to uncover some of the positives that have come out of this situation. We share these latest findings in this report.

Owners of independent consulting businesses are long overdue data that compares their performance with their peers. Access to the KPIs of equivalent high-performing consultancies is critical to accelerating your growth journey. This report explores what a profitable, sustainable, and valuable consulting business looks like.

We’ve conducted several research projects over the years and these have often looked at the fundamentals of running a business – staff, cash, projects, pricing, systems, profit. This time, we wanted to go much deeper and explore a topic that we believe is critical to the success of a business, but often not talked about – the mental resilience of the business owner.

In January and February 2020, we captured what UK agencies looked like in our annual survey, publishing the results in two reports, one of which you can view above. We wanted to see how agencies had been impacted by COVID, so in April 2020 we conducted further research, the results of which are shared in this report.

We genuinely look forward to BenchPress every year. It gives us detailed external validations on our strengths & weaknesses amongst our peers, and we use those insights to double-down on our positives & build plans to improve our negatives. And all of that makes us a stronger, more stable & more profitable agency for the year ahead.
Matt Scaysbrook
Director of Optimisation at WeTeachCRO

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